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St George Auto Repair would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, and a happy prosperous new year! That said if you need any automotive repair we can certainly help you out, our schedule is currently 3 to 4 days wait. but we can get most cars in and out in a timely fashion. Brakes, Tune Up, things like that are still feasibly done within a day or two so give us a call 435-628-8880

V.W. Transmission repair complete! Only 3 of these transmissions available in the country, and our super tech Eric was able to repair this one saving the customer thousands of dollars!!

St George Auto Repair, has completed another transmission repair in st george utah! We can save you $$$, and time. Always get a second opinion, and price when it comes to expensive repair!

St George Auto Repair will work like a dog to get your vehicle repair done right!

St George Auto Repairs Mascot

Serious about auto repair

st george auto repair loves dogs, and car repair in st george utah

St George Auto Repair just finished another transmission installation, saving our customer thousands of dollars, just by being fair and honest, Always get a second opinion whenever you get a big repair item. Its right and only fair to you the consumer

St george auto repair can repair just about any vehicle, transmission, engine, brakes, electrical, tune up, just name it and st george auto repair can handle it!

st george auto repair can repair any make and model foreign or domestic

A/C and Brake service remain to be our biggest share of auto repair in st george, but transmission repair is really becoming one of our biggest area of growth here in st george! Transmissions are a vital component to your vehicle, and st george auto repair can keep your transmission working smooth!

St George is getting hot, and St. George Auto Repair is keeping cool with our A/C service! All of our A/C service comes with a nation wide warranty! Come in to St George Auto Repair, and get cool with our services!!

st george auto repair is the top repair shop in st george

A/C season is here and St George Auto Repair is ready to help cool your vehicle down by an air conditioning service for your vehicle! Foreign or Domestic, st george auto repair can handle any A/C repair to help keep your car or truck cool!

Iron Man weekend is almost upon us, and we are happy to help our St George Visitors with any automotive break downs they may be dealing with, just give us a call, and we will do our best to get you up and running asap! Just delivered a very nice family from California vehicle to them, so they will be able to enjoy the rest of the race weekend, and head home without any worries! Like we said "We take care of the car that takes care of you!"

St. George Auto Repair is very excited to see the world famous Iron Man Race come to town, in all of its glory! We would like to welcome any and all visitors, and athletes, and would like to remind you to call st george auto repair if you have any car problems while you are in st george for the Iron Man! St. George Auto Repair would love to help you get your vehicle repaired, and back on the road!

Transmission repair is our favorite service to provide, because half of the time you do not need an actual transmission replacement, and there is nothing better than saving a customer who was told they needed a transmission by a transmission shop, that we rectify with a service, or repair of the transmission, saving them thousands of dollars, that the other transmission shop told them they needed to spend to have their vehicle functioning again. At st george auto repair, transmissions are not our only function, we are here to repair all of your vehicles systems, and we don't go out of our way to sell you repairs that are unnecessary and expensive, just because that is the most profitable for us. We care about you, and we will never portray a repair as absolute, unless it is! It makes no difference to us if your transmission needs replacement, or can be repaired. We don't have an inventory of transmissions that we are trying to move, and that eliminates the propensity of having to sell inventory that we are sitting on. So do not hesitate to have your vehicle looked over by one of our highly trained, and honest mechanics here at st george auto repair, you wont be sorry you did, which is more than I can say for some of the other guys!

Another great day of helping people keep their vehicle running as efficiently as possible! At st george auto repair WE TAKE CARE OF THE CAR THAT TAKES CARE OF YOU! From transmissions, to tune ups, st george auto repair can do it all!

St George Auto Repair has added Transmission rebuilding to its repertoire! If you need a transmission in st george utah st george auto repair is the place you need to contact

If you need transmission work in St. George, Look no further! St George Auto Repair can handle your transmission repair, or replacement and usually cheaper than the local transmission guys! Clutch replacement, Brakes, any automotive repair can be done better and usually less expensive than anywhere else in st george!

Weather in St. George for Golf, Or The Parade of Homes, The St. George Marathon, Or just visiting, If you have car trouble you can count on st george auto repair to help get your vehicle repaired, weather its brakes, transmission repair, or check engine light. St. George Auto Repair can have you back on the road, and happy again in no time!

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Whats Happening with us!

St george auto repair would like to share our twitter, and Instagram Handle, so you can keep in touch on any platform you like, and follow along as we take care of the cars, that take care of you! 



Thank you for checking in, and for trusting us with your vehicle. Here at st george auto repair, we love working on your vehicles from transmissions, to tune ups, "WE TAKE CARE OF THE CAR THAT TAKES CARE OF YOU"

St george auto repair is happy to announce that we now partnered with Boulevard Home to offer financing of your vehicle repairs! If you have a big repair bill coming up, and would like to put it on your boulevard home account, just say the word, and we will coordinate with boulevard home to make it happen! @boulevardhome, is a great way to get your vehicle repairs completed, and not add to your monthly expenses, just tack them on to your boulevard home account! 

St george auto repair would like to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas Holiday! God bless and keep you all!

St George Auto Repair loves to bring out the kid in our customers! Weather its a custom build, or a touch up, or repairing your daily drivers transmission, brakes, tune up, or clutch. st george auto repair loves to make you smile, and your vehicle repair seamless! Give us a call at 435-628-8880

southern utah relies on st george auto repair to keep  it running smooth

St george auto repair, would love to help you with your auto repair needs in this new year! st george auto repair is capable of most any auto repair you may need, from timing belts, to clutch replacement, to brakes, or even diesel, or transmission repair st george auto repair is the shop to get it done for you and your vehicle, foreign or domestic, car, truck or suv repair is st george auto does!

st george auto repair can get your malibu smokin agian
perfect work done at st george auto  repair
fast cars made faster at st george auto repair

St George Auto is more than grateful for the trust our customers put in us, and our abilities to keep their vehicles on the road and moving as efficiently as possible! Brakes, transmissions, tune up, whatever your vehicle needs, st george auto repair is the place that takes care of the car that takes care of you and your family!!

The best auto repair in St. George Ut

st george auto repair is the place to have your car, truck, or suv tuned up and ready for spring! have st george auto get your vehicle in shape for the busy summer season

St George Auto is the best auto repair option in Southern Utah! St george auto repair has the most comprehensive payment, and repair options in southern utah! We Know that things like transmission repair, and engine repair can be expensive that is why we offer financing, including snap for those who need to rebuild their credit(no credit check), to using your Boulevard Home finance card! St George auto repair can help you get financed, and your vehicle fixed, and back to helping you make money! 

Auto Repair is our passion @ st george auto repair!

St george auto repair is so blessed to be able to offer the most effective transmission repair in southern Utah! st George auto repair has done multiple transmission replacements in southern Utah, and we love being able to offer the most affordable, and easy financing options for those costly repairs! Boulevard home is one of our many partners in helping you get your vehicle backk on the road and your life back to normal! 

two classics loved by st george auto repair

Our Second Blog Entry

February 14, 2020

St george auto repair is now repairing, or replacing transmissions here in st george! If your in St George and need a transmission, St george auto repair is your one stop shop

st george auto can make your cool car even cooler with a/c service

st george auto repair is so happy to be able to offer honest, complete, auto repair to our st george neighbors!

Our First Blog Entry

January 15, 2020

God bless all of our amazing customers, with a safe and happy new year, from st george auto repair

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St george auto repair is so happy to be doing auto repair in southern utah! st george auto repair loves repairing vehicles transmissions in st  george Ut! st george auto repair can save you money and time on your transmission repair in st george, or any southern utah community!

Another set of fresh ponies compliments of st george auto repair!

new engines installed at st george auto repair
very cool and fast cars repaired at st george auto repair
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